Error loading USE or USELSX module: *javacon

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Hello, apologies for replying in english.

error looks related to missing Notes.jar ( missing = present somewhere but in expected folder*  C:\notes\jvm\lib\ext ).

Your user should check if mentioned folder is there and if Notes.jar is present.

Should JAR file present in another folder, simply copy and paste it in right folder.

* depending on Notes installation folder.

Thank you for your response!

But that is nor the reason for my problem.
The Notes.jar is still in the correct folder.
If i delete the Notes workspace, the problem was solved.
But.... all my settings were loss in this case. (SVN etc.)


Habe ständig dieses Problem auf verschiedenen Workstations. Bei mir hat das hier aus dem IBM-Forum geholfen:


It happens when you first launch Notes client

Try this solution:
1. Close Notes client and Notes designer;
2. Launch only notes designer;
3. Open lib causing error that uses *javacon
4. Add whatever to the code (i.e. space) and delete it and then save lib to force it recompile.
5. Open other libs causing errors, that use lib mentioned in step 3. and repeat step 4.

I read somewhere here, that the error raises when java console from Notes Client interferes with Notes Designer. When you remember to launch designer first, you shouldn't have such problems.

Ist super easy und hat keine Nebeneffekte! Gruß, Bernd


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