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Hallo Forum

wieder mal ein Technical Paper aus der Knowledge Base :

Tips to Avoid Problems Installing or Upgrading a Domino Server on Windows NT

If you are experiencing problems while upgrading or installing a Domino server, review the following general guidelines:

1.      Disable Notes as an NT Service before beginning the installation.

2.      Disable any anti-virus software or any other applications, agents or services running in the background or foreground, before beginning the installation.

3.      Make sure that you are at the correct incremental version.  For example, upgrade from 4.11a to 4.12 to 4.13; you cannot jump from 4.11a to 4.13.

4.      If the installation errors out on a certain disk number (for example, "general error decompressing disk03...:), try using a different CD.  The CD may be defective.

5.      If the installation errors out on a certain disk number (for example, "general error while trying to decompress files from c:\path..\disk003...:), make sure that all applications (Domino and non-Domino related) have been closed prior to the installation.  If the error still occurs try removing the contents of the Notes directory.  You may get this message because another process (Notes NT services or third party application) may have a file lock on Notes executable files or DLL files.

6.      If you are running a full install and the install stops at a certain percentage, pull a copy of the Public Address Book from the OS level before performing installation, especially if the install fails during the authentication process.  You can also pretend to install this server as the first server, but make sure to NOT create a new CERT.ID, SERVER.ID and ADMIN.ID; point to existing ones.  Once the install is complete, pull the copy of the Address Book from the OS level or try pulling the Address Book from the new server, then cut and paste the Server document or try rebuilding the server document manually.

7.      Ensure that the Access Control List (ACL) of the Public Address Book has the Server you are trying to add listed explicitly with User Type "Unspecified" and Access as "Manager."

8.      If the install fails on certain DLL files, rename those DLL files then perform the install process again.

9.      If the Domino server upgrade fails on a series of DLL files, install Notes into a brand new directory, then copy the files over from the previous data directory.

NOTE:  If you have third party software that works in conjunction with Notes and puts hooks into a Notes DLL or executable via the Registry, do not install Notes into a brand new directory.  If you do, you will not be able to run the third party application because this will disconnect the link to Notes.  Instead, rename all of the DLL files that failed and try reinstalling Notes.

10.      Make sure that the Microsoft Proxy Agent is not installed/active on any of the Domino Servers.  This will cause the error "Server Not Responding" when trying to install an additional Domino Server.


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